Hallo du wundervolle Frau,

diese Seite ist gerade dabei sich neu zu gebären. Vieles ist alt und dennoch in der Essenz immer ein Teil meiner Arbeit. Von daher schau dich gerne um, doch wenn du mich und meine Arbeit gerne kennen lernen möchtest, schreib mich gerne für ein Kennenlerngespräch an (act@annatuegel.de).

Ich danke dir fürs Vorbeischauen!

this is the home of 

Anna Catherina Tügel's

life experiences, work, calling and doing

Soul Birth & Empowerment Coach,

spiritual Doula,

birth, woman & capturing the bliss photographer,

following & living her inner magic,

mother of two,

cesarean & hbac mom,

dancing with the light and the dark,

constantly birthing herself, her children and her vision

into this world,

helping exceptional, unique women to do the same

from a place of inner strength,

fully empowered,

in a soulful way. 


Born at a hospital in Hamburg, Germany. Having my birth sped up via episiotomy from the outside. Honestly, I do not like to be pushed. It's important to me to do things at my very own speed! One of the reasons I love to be there for my clients adjusting to their unique pace.


Being a child of separated parents, I had my mother constantly by my side and three very different father figures. My biological father, my second dad and my third.

Being a happy wild child most of the times I soon turned into a shy and quiet one trying to please everyone around me and not draw any attention to myself. One of the reasons why it is still hard for me to show myself and even write this Bio right here. Feels like dying sometimes. But then again it's time. Time to be present. To be visible in my full beautiful power. And to be seen by you, reading this. Thank you for reading!

At 16 spending one year abroad changed my view on life, on my surroundings and made me a truer version of myself. I learned to live a life of serenity and started following my flow regardless of what others wanted me to be or do. Although at times this was really hurtful.

During this time I lost my second dad due to suicide which left me sad and hurt and just wondering what circumstances can make life here on earth so unbearable. And then again it's so important to be there for one another and really listen and see each other for who we are. Unique, exceptional beings with the power to create and shape our very own lifes even though sometimes there is a lot of darkness clouding everything around us and there seems to be no light. But I know there is always light, even in the greatest darkness. For some being it that of death.

Photography has always fascinated me. And during this transformative year, I took my very first course in it and dived deep into exploring, experimenting and capturing the beauty around me through my unique lens.

Coming back home was rough. I had become this different more me person and everything seemed to be the same just like when I had left. It felt like a cage. I had grown so much and my surroundings seemed so stiff and tight. I fell into a dark hole. I was advised to go to therapy, so I did. It helped in some ways but the last years being in school were just waiting for it to be over and finally be free.

After finishing school traveling for one year was the only thing I could think of. During these travels, I freed myself of so many beliefs, enjoyed life and became my very own best friend. I realized all I needed was me.

I walked myself free on my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, continuing to the ocean to finally feel myself, feel alive and come to realize my very own perfection, my wisdom and the beauty of life. Standing there on the edge of the cliff thinking: "Everything is blissfully perfect. This is a good moment to jump and end my story right here." 

Instead, I continued my travels to Thailand, learned Vipassana Meditation in a Buddhist monastery and meditated for 33 days finishing with 72 hours of constant meditation. Honestly, sometimes I just fell asleep. It's the kind of sleep where your whole body slumps down while sitting on the floor trying to meditate, trying to stay awake, eyes slowly closing and shortly before losing balance there is this shock moment, straightening up of the body and you are wide awake. Starting all over again, repeating the whole cycle.  Anyways since then, meditation is a part of me. Meditation is in everything I do.

Then I moved on to Australia and afterwards to New Zealand to enjoy my second home on the other side of the world.

In 2009 I came back home to Germany and moved to Karlsruhe.  Wanting to do the right thing, studying civil engineering.

Right in this year, I met my love. We enjoyed life at university and traveled a lot together.

In 2011 we walked the St. James Way together. And it is said that couples who walk this pilgrimage together till the end will stay together for the rest of their lifes. So far this has worked out and we are constantly giving one another a yes for each one of our individual paths and our path together. Let's see what the future holds.

During our travels in 2012, we met our soul dog in Nepal shortly after having finished the Annapurna Track. We wanted to take her home with us which was not that easy. But thanks to the support of the wonderful KAT Center we were able to pick her up from the airport in Frankfurt 6 months later. If you love dogs and want to support this awesome organization your donation is in really good hands.

Shortly after our trip to Nepal, I was pregnant at 23. Diving into this new world of pregnancy, birth, and babies and finally standing up for myself knowing my responsibility for this little being in my womb.

Preparing for a natural birth in a birthing center. Ending up in hospital due to this beautiful baby being breech, having a c-section in the end after 24 hours of labour trying for a vaginal breech birth.

I love being a mom! This is such a big part of me. Just being there, nourishing, giving space. So this first year was all about enjoying this tiny human being. Breastfeeding, carrying my baby close to my heart, co-sleeping and learning about myself, life, the beauty of connection and the magic of children.

Having found my place in the momma jungle I started to realize the trauma of my birth experience. Resulting in digging deep, unraveling all the knots and putting all the missing and broken pieces together to heal it. This healing process took about 3 years. And honestly, I am so grateful for this experience today. This birth was my catalyst to being my true self, to walk my very own unique path. To get me where I am today. To live my calling. Of which part is helping other women overcome their birth trauma in way shorter time than I did.

In 2015 one of my dear friends asked me to be at her birth to support her.

So I birthed my Doula Self in 2016 during my doula training with Doulas in Deutschland e.V. and the beautiful home birth of my dear friend. Since then I am supporting women during pregnancy, birth and after on a professional level.

Around this time my passion for birth photography was born and I decided to invest into a high-quality camera that did not make any noise as to not disturb women during their birth journey and a camera that was also capable of taking brilliant pictures in a sparsely lit room to ensure that women could birth in a snug, comfortable, dimmed atmosphere and still get great pictures.

In 2016 the big adventure of welcoming another child into our life started meaning diving deep, facing fears and preparing everything for this birth.

Being back in New Zealand. Experiencing an earthquake. Feeling the pure force of nature. Mother earth birthing new land, feeling every quake as if it was a contraction. I could feel this primeval force inside of me. I was pregnant right there and I knew I can do this too. Being flown out by helicopter as all roads were broken or blocked due to landslides.

Being back home my priority was to connect to my inner truth, my inner self, my inner wisdom. Listening to my body, giving it what it needed, talking to this baby in my belly and finally birthing this second child in 2017 at home into the water into my very own hands all on my own terms with an awesome midwife and support team in the background, sitting in the kitchen, honoring my wishes to be alone.

Shortly after this beautiful birth the wish to support other women in healing their trauma and experience the birth they wanted was born on a deeper level.

Having two children all of the sudden kind of threw me off. Yes I know there is not two all of the sudden but I was so focused on finally having the birth I wanted that I kind of forgot about that part. Sadly. So I went into functioning mode plus wanting to have a flourishing business. Honestly, it took me about a year to finally feel like myself again. To feel me again. To see my children each individually in their true beauty. And see what is really important.

My Family.

So during this year, my coaching journey started. I visited several seminars. I decided to shave my hair off and go bald to set the start for a new beginning and let go of the past. I dived deep into my spiritual realms, my femininity. Healed my mother wound on a totally new level and finally felt seen and loved.

I've had Become a Woman.

In June 2017 I started to coach other people and in October I started to host women healing circles, women circles for cesarean moms and moms of stillborn children.

Giving myself the space to nourish myself, to listen to my dreams, fighting to make time available for myself and my business. Enjoying this won me time. Having lots of financial ups and downs. Struggling, Nailing it, always moving forward. Creating my Soul Business, my Coaching Practice on my very own terms and still finding room for my family life. 

This resulted in supporting women in birthing their true inner self, their children and their vision into this world. From a place of inner strength and love for themselves, fully empowered while juggling life with my partner, our two beautiful stay at home children and our dog.

In January 2019 I completed my Coaching Apprenticeship with Sarah Antwerpes.

And am currently learning more about my very own magic and am birthing this new part of myself into my life, my work and into this world with beautiful Coaches by my side. Because YES we all have the power to achieve things we want on our own. But I believe in learning from other inspiring people that have walked the path, that have had the experiences, that are at points in their life where I want to be one day and learn from them and their mistakes. To take a shorter, easier route although this doesn't mean that my journey is less easy or doesn't hurt. I still have to go through all the rough and painful patches but I do so with someone I chose to be at my side. Someone I trust. Someone that supports me in my journey no matter what. Someone that empowers me.


I do the same for my clients.

I am there for them.

I support them.

I empower them.

I love them.

If this resonates with you and you would love my support

feel free to drop me a message right here


I do feel honored to be a part of your very own unique, exceptional empowerment journey.

Thank you for reading!